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Revere's Call Congress technology has connected


minutes of calls to Congress since January 20, 2017


Battles Won

Since the election, record calls to Congress helped progressives fight Trump’s hateful agenda and win critical victories. Some of the largest calling campaigns in the country have been powered by Revere Calling.


Daily Action quickly grew a membership of 250,000+ active advocates, driving more than one million calls and 3.2 million connected call minutes to electeds in a matter of months.

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White House Inc. connected more than 35,000 calls to Trump’s businesses, demanding that he divests and releases his tax returns. The White House comment line was quickly reactivated.


MoveOn has used Revere Calling to drive a half million calls from text messages, online videos, Facebook ads, and email campaigns — challenging Trump on everything from cabinet appointments to health care reform.


Our Revolution drove 50,000+ minutes of calls to Congress about DeVos' confirmation. The onslaught of calls made national news and displayed the power of the resistance.


In March, IDG drove 800+ calls to the NYC City Council, advocating for tipping for FHV drivers. The campaign won the support of elected through a sign on letter.


Drunk Dial Congress connected 100,000 calls to Congress to demand an end to the government shut down in 2013.

Calling Works

Most staffers on Capitol Hill and in district offices around the country will tell you that calling your legislator—as in picking up the phone and actually speaking to someone on the other end—is the best way to get their attention. From protecting the Congressional ethics office to protesting Sessions’ ties to Russia, calling has empowered supporters with the rapid response technology they need to be heard.


What is Revere Calling?

Revere Calling is an easy-to-use platform that enables organizations to set up toll-free numbers for driving calls to policymakers across the country. It was built to remove the barriers from civic engagement and empower the progressive resistance.

Calling is powered by Ledge Zeppelin, our database of state and federal legislators, governors and attorneys general in all 50 states. You may have seen Calling technology in action on Daily Action or Drunk Dial Congress.


How Revere Calling Works

1. Connect

Organizations connect their members to a policymaker using incoming calls, ads, click-to-call forms, or even by texting a keyword.

2. Listen

Once connected to the call flow, the caller enters his or her zip code and then hears a brief recorded message with talking points.

3. Advocate

The caller is connected directly to the Capitol or district office of the elected, skipping the switchboard and ready to share their opinion.

Real-Time Reporting

Generate real-time calling reports within Revere Dashboard to see which policymakers were called, the number of calls placed and call duration over time. Report high call volumes to your supporters to inspire even more action and identify areas where more calls are needed.


Revere Mobile Integration

After completing a call, our Revere Mobile platform can send an SMS kicker thanking them for their call and asking if they would like to join your mobile program. If they are already subscribed, create a different call to action to move them up the ladder of engagement.

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